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Mary Witzl

This had me laughing out loud. I never knew that there were others out there who hated the very feel of chalk. And get this: I was a teacher! How about running your finger along a terracotta pot? I'm betting that you don't like the feel of that either. I get the shivers just thinking about it.


So, I suppose enjoyment of Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle is out of the question... :-)

"...the Pike Place fishmongers...throw fish and have fun with visitors."



I'm glad I read this before I went through with my plan of poking you in the belly button with a piece of chalk while eating ciabatta at the next Blogfest.


I can't believe that this silly "random facts" meme is now up to eight. I will remember to "tag" you the next time it comes around.

My wife hates ciabatta bread too. And pannini (sp?) as well.



Still glad to see you are still doing the ol' blog. I am a faithful reader (although, i have been slacking the past couple of months)! Hope that all is well! Your blogs always give me a much needed chuckle!

Ms. Caroline

I have a friend who hates having his belly button touched. Knowing he's not the only one in the world makes him a bit less of a freak in my eyes. But does that make you more of one?


Bob, this was hilarious...I still have to do my meme, but you've lit the fire. Thanks for stopping into my site. I'll def. be back to yours. Very, very funny.


Mary -- you nailed it on the terracotta pots! I HATE the feel of those things. We have one with a matching terracotta base, and whenever I have to move the pot on its base, I just about lose it. Those two things rubbing together drives me insane.

Also -- hey there Quy! Great to hear from you!


Oh, I should have noted -- my hatred of ciabatta and chalk are tied together. I hate the powdery feel of ciabatta. That's one of the reasons I don't like powdered doughnuts as well as you'd expect, also. But hey, they're doughnuts, so I put up with the disgusting powdery feel in order to get at the sweet, sweet doughnut goodness.

Jonathan Barnes

Two dozen doughnuts a year does not a doughnut afficianado make... But it does make for a SKINNY doughnut lover!


Speaking of doughnuts, did anyone besides me hear that Dunkin' Donuts was opening up 103 (no that is not a typo) new shops in the Pittsburgh area alone?!? Seriously folks, do we need that many of them? I mean I love a good doughnut, but....

Donn Nemchick

I enjoyed reading the 8 things I hate entry this morning. You could have added this: I hate the local quirk of opening the car door at a light and profusely spitting. Seems we have an excess of tobacco chewers in this market. This isn't West Virginia!!

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